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  • Halloween Build Event!

    [The voting part has begun. We will keep you updated]

    Dear users,

    it's Halloween again and therefore we decided to host another CB Halloween Build Event.

    I guess most of you remember it from previous to last year, but to everyone who doesn't know it, I'll explain it again.

    What is the event?

    Basically the build event is a normal, but official, CB build competition.

    You build whatever you want and the top 3 builders will win awesome prizes.

    How can I take part?

    Join our competition server (/server halloween) and

    fetch you a plot via /halloween enter

    What are the rules?

    One 80x80 plot per user

    Topic: Halloween, so build something spooky.

    Deadline: Oct. 31st, 12pm / 24:00, UTC + 1

    Also the general rules apply!

    How can I win?

    Within a few days we will announce the winners.

    Each team member chooses his/her 3 favourite plots.

    #1 gets 3 points

    #2 gets 2 points

    #3 gets 1 point

    The points are summed up and the results (Excel worksheet) will be
  • As most of you have already realized, we have updated our server to Minecraft 1.9. And that we have changed parts of our plugins:

    You can see this post as an FAQ on our update. When you have trouble with 1.9 itself, I'll just forward you towards reddit 1.9 - FAQ.

    Disguises: They will be re-introduced once all major bugs have been eliminated.

    Adding users to your plot: You can add users (/plot add <playername>). These players can only build on your plot while you are online. Trusted users (/plot trust <username>) can also build while you are offline.

    WorldEdit: Nothing much has changed. But you should see an increase in the speed you can edit things (Only the entry has been removed from the scoreboard)

    Plot clearing: Is working as intended

    If you have any questions, post them below. Anything else will be removed

    ~ Alex