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  • Hello,

    I know till now nothing of this happend...
    First MisterErwins Computer was not working
    then when he had time and his computer came back, i didnt had time
    and now muckled is currently learning for his tests and cant focus on minecraft.
    since i cant create plugins and he is the creator of most of the plugins who are used on the server im currently stuck and cant do anything.
    We will start to work on this asap
    Im sorry guys but i cant do anything currently.

    Hello Guys,

    as i said ill create a post about everything we are planing to do in the next 1-2 month

    A small edit: Due to problems with my (muckleds) PC I was unable to do anything. I, muckled, want to apologize for the delay caused by that.

    Creative Server

    • We will recruit new Staff Members for the Creative Server (English and German) Date for Opening Application thread will follow in 2 Days.
    • The current Plot world will be removed but saved, on a later point youll able to download it or to move your plots to the new
  • Hello Guys,

    i know its a long time since i posted something here, im sorry bla bla bla lets talk about the server.
    As you may know the server has got a 'little' problem with staff whos not online and no updates and so on.....
    Now we decided to do something about this.
    I will make a post on January 2nd about an Update that we will launch that will make Creative Build again a place to be and to have fun.
    Because of the Update we are preparing and the amount of time we are using there we cant make a christmas event.
    Also we will open staff applications again after the update.

    Happy Christmas Time to you and your families

    Your Creative Build Network Team
  • Halloween Build Event!

    [The voting part has begun. We will keep you updated]

    Dear users,

    it's Halloween again and therefore we decided to host another CB Halloween Build Event.

    I guess most of you remember it from previous to last year, but to everyone who doesn't know it, I'll explain it again.

    What is the event?

    Basically the build event is a normal, but official, CB build competition.

    You build whatever you want and the top 3 builders will win awesome prizes.

    How can I take part?

    Join our competition server (/server halloween) and

    fetch you a plot via /halloween enter

    What are the rules?

    One 80x80 plot per user

    Topic: Halloween, so build something spooky.

    Deadline: Oct. 31st, 12pm / 24:00, UTC + 1

    Also the general rules apply!

    How can I win?

    Within a few days we will announce the winners.

    Each team member chooses his/her 3 favourite plots.

    #1 gets 3 points

    #2 gets 2 points

    #3 gets 1 point

    The points are summed up and the results (Excel worksheet) will be