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  • As most of you have already realized, we have updated our server to Minecraft 1.9. And that we have changed parts of our plugins:

    You can see this post as an FAQ on our update. When you have trouble with 1.9 itself, I'll just forward you towards reddit 1.9 - FAQ.

    Disguises: They will be re-introduced once all major bugs have been eliminated.

    Adding users to your plot: You can add users (/plot add <playername>). These players can only build on your plot while you are online. Trusted users (/plot trust <username>) can also build while you are offline.

    WorldEdit: Nothing much has changed. But you should see an increase in the speed you can edit things (Only the entry has been removed from the scoreboard)

    Plot clearing: Is working as intended

    If you have any questions, post them below. Anything else will be removed

    ~ Alex
  • Update complete

    The server is now running on Minecraft 1.9.

    We also changed our plot plugin, which adds a ton of new features.

    A post regarding the new features will follow!

    In case you find any errors: Look for an admin online. Otherwise hop on our TS3-Server and send the staff members a message.

    Currently you can not claim more plots than one. This will be fixed by tomorrow
  • Hello Guys,

    server is now back online with some changes.
    We update all of our plugins + added some new features and removed some old ones for updating.


    Plot Management:
    • /plot undis - undisquises all players on your plot. (So no one can destroy your plot now anonym)
    • /plot removeall - removes all player at once from your plot.
    • /plot flag WE - Disable or Enable World Edit on your Plot (so other players which voted cant grief your plot with worldedit if they are added to your plot)
    • /plot flag PVP - Disable or Enable PvP on your Plot.

    • Local Chat is now reduced to plot size. Means: You can only read text from players on the same plot as you are standing on.


    Yes we now have a custom Friend plugin on our Server!
    • Type in /friend to see all commands!

    Please report bugs.

    • Old Marriage Plugin has been deleted( was outdated), new custom Marriage plugin added. ( Sorry Guys, files were deleted, you need to marry again)

    Also please report bugs here.