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  • Heyho folks,

    we pushed out a smallish update today:

    (If you want, you can read most of this up ingame using /whatisnew)

    Here is the long form:
    • A new shop has been introduced. /shop
    • You can now buy morphes
    • Added plot flags (more below)
    • To be able to use WorldEdit the plot owner must add you twice (/plot allowWorldEdit <name> and /plot takeWorldEdit <name> )
    • Through voting you obtain VoteTokens, which you can spend in the TokenShop (more below)
    • Fancyfied the chat
    • Holding shift while scrolling rotates through your inventory. (Toggle it using ​/buildhelper scroll)
    • Reworked the Builder Application Process (see below)
    • Forgot to remove spoiler planned in future updates
    • Fixed "some"/way too many bugs (And introduced new ones)

    Please post any bugs you find below, so we can fix them.

    Happy Easter,
    ~Alex :thumbsup:
  • Hello,

    I know till now nothing of this happend...
    First MisterErwins Computer was not working
    then when he had time and his computer came back, i didnt had time
    and now muckled is currently learning for his tests and cant focus on minecraft.
    since i cant create plugins and he is the creator of most of the plugins who are used on the server im currently stuck and cant do anything.
    We will start to work on this asap
    Im sorry guys but i cant do anything currently.

    Hello Guys,

    as i said ill create a post about everything we are planing to do in the next 1-2 month

    A small edit: Due to problems with my (muckleds) PC I was unable to do anything. I, muckled, want to apologize for the delay caused by that.

    Creative Server

    • We will recruit new Staff Members for the Creative Server (English and German) Date for Opening Application thread will follow in 2 Days.
    • The current Plot world will be removed but saved, on a later point youll able to download it or to move your plots to the new