Ban Report

      1. GretaLuvGiraffe

      2. GammelHD_evruk

      ​3. I am reporting GammelHD_evruk to you today for a couple of different reasons. While me and my friend were building a role play Gammel teleported to me. My friend was making the rules for the role play. As Gammel read one of the rules my friend was telling me her back round story. Gammel then confronted My friend and said: "You're breaking your own rule!" They then managed to get into a little bit of a fight. My friend ended up denying Gammel from her plot and we continued on building. He then told us that he had ignored Poke. This is where the "War." as Gammel calls it started. I ended up getting caught in the middle as Gammel was mean to Poke. He asked me to tell him what I thought of him. I replied: "No I am busy right now." then he sung a very offensive song in the chat about my friend. My friend then told me that she was about to cry because of how mean Gammel was being to her. While I was not really involved in this my friend can not report Gammel. Please consider my report as Gammel very much hurt my friend. Thank you for your time. ~Greta

      ​4. I went back to get a screenie but found that all of his offensive words have disappeared into the chat. Very sorry about the inconvenience.
      Hi I'm Greta I'm female and I love cb :thumbup: