I'm back

      I got my minecraft account back. Joined the server, and all I see is the same person being online for the whole time.

      Guys, we need to revive this shit. Where are the times when people still had OP-Shops? Where are the times where there was high school rp, camp rp etc..

      Btw I went on and rated the builder applications. 1 out of 8 I think is a YES from me. The server had so many good builders, where did everyone go? :c

      - Xapheos aka. Eteph, Vorphex, Vapra, Rxsolute
      OP-Shops are banned, and there isn't enough people to do role plays (even if there was, most people who enjoyed them grew out of it). Everyone left for different reasons, whether growing up, school, or the fact that being caught playing minecraft is worse that having your nudes leaked.
      The flow of time is always cruel...